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Raytheon Ktech in Albuquerque, New Mexico is currently manufacturing the next generation of microwave weapon, which will be used against unarmed civilians all over the world.  Donald J Sullivan, the inventor of the Vircator Microwave weapon, now works for this company and they were awarded a large contract recently to finalize design and begin production. 

The Air Force claims that these new High-Power Microwave weapons will only be used against electronic targets and missiles.  They made a similar bogus claim during the development of the Strategic Defense Initiative in the 1980’s.  Do not believe them. 

This latest design will likely replace the Vircator Satellite weapons which are nearing the end of their orbital life.  The satellites run out of fuel that allows them to maintain their orbital position. So they must be replaced.

The only good news out of this development, is the Air Force knows that geosynchronous orbit is very crowded.  They cannot place many more satellites into geo orbit.

Cell towers and aircraft UAV drones will become the primary weapons.  Cell towers and drones depend on the precise GPS coordinates and timing that can only be obtained from the satellites. 
Shielding Effectiveness for different materials.  From NASA CR-4784. 
The area of interest is 1000 MHz and higher.


MICROWAVE WEAPONS – the latest design

The Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) at Kirtland AFB has become the center for High-Power Microwave Weapons development in the world.  The next generation of microwave weapon is being designed and built by Raytheon Ktech.  The system is small enough to fit inside an aircraft drone, or it can be launched with a satellite, or placed on a cell tower.

It is called the CHAMP system.  CHAMP stands for Counter Electronics and High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project.  These High Power microwave devices have been developed since the 1970’s at Mission Research Corporation, where Donald J Sullivan worked, and received US Patent 4345220 for the Vircator.  Now Mr Sullivan works for Raytheon Ktech.

Raytheon Site Director and President is Steve Downie.
13512 Desert Zinia Ct, Albuquerque, NM  87111

Program Chief is Mary Lou Robinson.
1865 Los Pinos Rd, Bosque Farms, NM 87065

Linkedin and other social media sites list many of the people that work at the Air Force Research Lab. 

Texas Tech University in Lubbock, is provided major funding from the government to perform research for some of these criminal activities.  The Center for Pulsed Power.  

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These are the main companies that are involved with making the latest Directed Energy Weapons:

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