Older News.

 “Mr. Chairman, when the Federal Reserve Act was passed the people of the United States did not perceive that a world system was being set up here which would make the savings of an American school-teacher available to a narcotic-drug vendor in Macao. They did not perceive that the United States was to be lowered to the position of a coolie country which has nothing but raw materials and heavy goods for export. That Russia was destined to supply man power and that this country was to supply financial power to an international superstate  —  a superstate controlled by International bankers and international industrialists acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasure.”

—  Congressman Louis T. McFadden, Congressional Record, 72nd Congress, 1st session, June 10, 1932

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Older News

31 Dec 2019:  A Medical Doctor can be sued for GROSS NEGLIGENCE, when he refuses to consider the opinions of numerous Medical Doctors.  Many Doctors have stated the T.I. Program is real.   We have 25 Medical Doctors listed here:  https://www.targetedjustice.com/medical.html
The Doctor can lose his Malpractice Insurance, which puts him out of business.

30 Dec 2019:  Federal Judge orders DOJ to change the Watchlist.   https://www.policeone.com/terrorism/articles/federal-judge-orders-government-to-change-terror-watchlist-4RPeeS2JMXwHkxwV/
As of June 2017, approx 1.16 million people worldwide, were on the Watchlist, according to government documents.

28 Dec 2019:  Targeted Justice recommends StandAgainstSpying.org      https://standagainstspying.org/

27 Dec 2019:  Repeal the 1917 Espionage Act.  This Unconstitutional law is used to silence dissent and harass whistleblowers, like Julian Assange & Ed Snowden.

25 Dec 2019:  Free Bumper Stickers –  New from Targeted Justice.

21 Dec 2019:  Richard Lighthouse announced the End of Time on this day in 2012, fulfilling the ancient Mayan prophecy.  See the 1 minute video:

20 Dec 2019:  Targeted Justice congratulates Frank Allen of TargetedMassachusetts.org    Our latest Top 100 list shows he is the most popular Talk Show for Targeted Individuals, globally.

19 Dec 2019:  Facebook Groups for Targeted Individuals count more than 122,000 members, worldwide.  Does that sound like a local problem?

18 Dec 2019:  Targeted Justice had 10 times more web trafficthan other TI websites, globally.   New Top 100 List:

14 Dec 2019:  “I will ignore all subliminal messages, forever.”  Repeat it many times each day.

14 Dec 2019:  Trigger words, such as “Deep State,” are used to place your family members into a trance.  There are also triggers that can be used to “wake them up.”  Try snapping your fingers, clap your hands, “Let your primary personality come out now.”  Try other trigger words and phrases.

12 Dec 2019:  Richard Lighthouse names the Gangstalking Boss for major cities:

10 Dec 2019:  Today is International Human Rights Day. 
Please take 5 minutes to contact the UN and other groups.  Tell them about your targeting and mention TargetedJustice.com

9 Dec 2019:  Richard Lighthouse posted “Gangstalking Bosses” of Houston, NYC, and Los Angeles.  See the tab under Gangstalking.

5 Dec 2019:  Houston TI Meeting:  Saturday, 14 Dec @ 10am.

732 W 27th, Houston, 77008.  ThroughGoodCoffee.com
If the parking lot is full, you can park in the street.

3 Dec 2019:  If you are wrongfully Targeted, please report it to the House Oversight Committee:
(Thanks to Teri J.)

2 Dec 2019:  Inspector General says “FBI did not comply” with guidelines for Confidential Human Sources.

28 Nov 2019:  The FBI’s Official Perp Manual:
https://www.targetedjustice.com/fbi—official-perp-manual.html“Confidential Human Source Policy Guide”  – valuable in any court case.  Many thanks to the whistleblower and TheIntercept.com.  The FBI refers to their gangstalkers as “Confidential Human Sources (CHS).”

25 Nov 2019:  The Supreme Court has agreed to hear Tanzin v. Tanvir.  If successful, it would mean individuals could sue FBI personnel for monetary damages.https://www.theepochtimes.com/supreme-court-agrees-to-hear-muslim-no-fly-list-case_3155802.html

24 Nov 2019:   Attor​ney General William Barr, proves beyond any doubt, that he works for the Deep State.  Barr now claims that Epstein’s “suicide” was a series of bad “coincidences.”
Willi​am Barr is a former CIA agent, and his home is within walking distance, to the front gate at CIA Headquarters in McLean, Virginia.

23 Nov 2019:  Targeted Justice needs research volunteers.  We need people to research and identify the contracts, programs, technical papers, and frequencies used by National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the implants program. 

21 Nov 2019:  There are 8 United Nations groups where you can file individual complaints.

16 Nov 2019:  Nils Melzer, U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture, is requesting submissions about torture.  Due by 25 November.  Please state you are a member of TargetedJustice.com & send to:


Please also send a copy to:   TargetedJusticeMembership@protonmail.com

15 Nov 2019:  Lockheed Martin, Littleton, CO – received a $3.3 billion dollar, sole-source contract to improve the communications satellites, which carry & relay the GPS coordinates of Targeted Individuals.
Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, San Diego, CA – received a $61 MM contract for GPS software support.  These upgrades will improve the accuracy of the attacks on Targeted Individuals.

14 Nov 2019:  Targeted Justice publishes the first “Top 50” Global list of websites supporting Targeted Individuals. 

14 Nov 2019:  Targeted Individuals can file a civil rights complaint with DHS here, before filing a lawsuit:

13 Nov 2019:  Canadian MK-Ultra victims seek restitution in court against the CIA:  https://www.inverse.com/article/47055-why-are-canadians-suing-over-mk-ultra

10 Nov 2019:  Former CIA Director, John McLaughlin, admits the Deep State is real.  No longer a “conspiracy theory” – it is conspiracy fact. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/11/01/former_acting_cia_director_john_mclaughlin_on_impeachment_thank_god_for_the_deep_state.html

9 Nov 2019:  Become a sponsor & donate to Targeted Justice:

8 Nov 2019:  TI’s – Please send us the link to your personal website or blog.  Targeted Justice is posting the links for TI’s, worldwide.TargetedJusticeMembership@protonmail.com

4 Nov 2019:  Targeted Justice request to www.CAIR.com:  Please do not settle with the Dept of Justice over illegal Watchlist harrasment claims.  The DOJ has stated they are starting a new “Mass Shooter” Watchlist, which will likely transfer the names from the old Watchlist. Court records:

28 Oct 2019:  The FBI has a long history of illegal spying on political activists and dissenters.  RightsAndDissent.org produced this report:

27 Oct 2019:  DOJ announces they are creating a new Watchlist, since the previous list was declared Unconstitutional by Federal Judge Trenga.  In the opinion of Mr Lighthouse, the names from the old Watchlist will be transferred to the new list.  TI’s will now be accused of being “potential Mass Shooters,” instead of “Terrorists.”  If you are a Targeted Individual, your name will be on the new list.  Targeted Justice is planning a response.

18 – 22 Oct 2019:  Targeted Justice demonstrations in Wash DC. 
45 Protesters helped with demonstrations at the White House Executive Office Bldg, CIA Headquarters, DNI Offices, Union Station.   Pictures: 

17 Oct 2019:  Back up your Website!  TI websites are being taken down.
Back up each tab using MS Word – save as a docx file.  Or use OpenOffice.org (free).    Or use httrack.com (free)

16 Oct 2019:  Call Campaign for this month:  EMail or call your local City Council Members.  Here is what you can say:  

13 Oct 2019:  Richard Lighthouse explains how to secure your door.  How to use a hasp latch (HomeDepot.com # 720DHC) that will minimize break-ins.  Note the microwave burns on his face, which have progressed.  1 minute video:

12 Oct 2019:  The Houston TI Meetup had 7 witnesses see the use of a Gauss Meter, demonstrating that everyone is being tracked by satellite.  The Gauss Master Meter sounded up when passing over the top-back portion of each person’s head.  Thanks to Karen, Nancy, Caroline, Peter, Erma, Andrea, and Owen.

11 Oct 2019:  International TI has reported “ERROR 404” when attempting to view our home page.  We believe that most of our international traffic is being blocked.  Please email us.  Consider downloading  PSIPHON.ca which will bypass government firewalls.

4 Oct 2019:  Many TI’s are reporting unusual behavior of family members with the term, “Deep State.”  If your family members deny that the “Deep State” is real, it is possible they are being “programmed.”  Watch the reaction in their eyes and face; try to make a video.  (Update) Former CIA Director, John McLaughlin has admitted that the Deep State is real.

3 Oct 2019:  China is reporting thousands of TI’s are organizing.   https://help.gvcten.com/

25 Sept 2019:  Richard Lighthouse responds to Greta Thunberg:      “HOW DARE YOU! – become a puppet for the Deep State & the CIA.”  The immediate threats posed by the CIA and CFR, are 100 times greater than any possible amount of climate change.  There have been 60 ice ages in the last 2 million years.  Ocean levels changed by 300 feet – not caused by humans.  The CIA & CFR want to control & restrict global energy supplies.   Your methods help them.  You also may not know, that the CIA specializes in the mind control of teenage girls.  Read it here:

                  Henry Kissinger is a member of CFR.org

22 Nov 2019:  Scientists read your mind using MRI.

8 Oct 2019:  Muckrock.com helps with FOIA requests.  See their website.

28 Sept 2019:  Targeted Justice gratefully acknowledges CVT.org,  Codepink.org, and EFF.org for the work they are doing.  Please sign up for their newsletters.

20 Sept 2019:  Stop007.org – website of Dr Katherine Horton, has been taken down by the government criminals.

18 Sept 2019:  General Raymond talks about Schriever War Games.

15 Sept 2019:  The Govt Criminals are blocking most access to RLighthouse.com  If you have information that may be helpful, please contact us.  TargetedJusticeMembership@protonmail.com

3 Nov 2019:  Army Major, Michael Aquino wrote about psychotronic weapons and PsyOps on civilians in 1980 – “The Psychology of Victory”   https://archive.org/stream/pdfy-Mv-q4qGq8_TBPcwL/Michael+Aquino+(US+Satanist)+-+From+PSYOP+to+MindWar+-+The+Psychology+of+Victory+(1980)_djvu.txt

2 Nov 2019:  Read about the Intelligence Community:

30 Oct 2019:  Air Force announces test of a new microwave weapon called THOR.  https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/21/18701267/us-air-force-thor-new-weapon-drone-swarms

September 2019:  If your international access to TargetedJustice.com is blocked, we recommend using the app from
www.Psiphon.ca    or send a blank email to:    get@psiphon3.com
This will also allow you to gain access.

6 September 2019:  Targeted Justice does not recommend the use of pre-recorded CD’s for “blocking frequencies.”  It is far too easy for the govt criminals to place negative subliminal messages in the background, including the “suicide switch.”  This is not a reflection of the original music or its designer, it is simply the ease of altering pre-recorded music.

29 August 2019:  Air Force Orders Units to Stand Down, due to suicides.  Targeted Justice believes some of these suicides are “staged” to silence whistleblowers from reporting about the corruption and Treason at Schriever AFB and other military bases.

28 August 2019:  Listen to our Board Members discuss the upcoming protest in Washington DC.  Many thanks to Frank & TargetedMassachusetts.org       https://youtu.be/u2nJpO0tHIg

15 August 2019:  Targeted Justice has obtained some names that may have information about the Cuban diplomats and the gag order imposed by Mike Pompeo.  Jeffrey DeLaurentis was the Head of Affairs in Havana until 2017.  Now he is now a professor at Georgetown University.  Scott Hamilton was the Deputy Chief and is supposedly still there.  John Caulfield was Chief until 2015.  Mara Tekach is the current Head of Affairs in Cuba.

11 August 2019:  Dr Robert Duncan’s presentation on Neuro-Weaponshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-yYIwKiY6Q

9 August 2019:  Targeted Justice continues to identify the names and addresses of government and corporate executives that are involved in the Targeted Individual program.  Posting public information is not a crime.  Never was.  Never will be.   See our tabs on Lockheed Martin and AT&T.  

5 August 2019:  Executive Order 13818 –  this order signed by President Trump can be used to fight corruption and Human Rights abuses.  There are only 13 names on the list, but one is closely connected to the Clintons.

13 July2019:  Fusion Center corruption exposed in FOIA request.  Fusion Centers are illegally gathering and using surveillance information.

12 July 2019:  Battelle to develop injectable, 2-way brain interface.

28 July 2019:  More fraud by the CIA/FBI criminals.  TI’s should be aware that the FISA court abuse is continuing.  The govt criminals are arranging fake or forced communications from foreign countries, such as Syria and Iran, to justify a FISA warrant or an extension to an existing warrant. The FBI proved they were willing to commit fraud at the FISA court with the Steele dossier.  Targeted Justice recommends that you do not respond to these foreign communications.

4 July 2019:  Declare Your Independence.  Monthly Call Campaign to President Trump.  TI’s are encouraged to call President Trump and ask for an investigation of the Targeted Individual program.  Please reference TargetedJustice.com

29 June 2019:  CIA wants immunity for Crimes against Humanity.

27 June 2019:  Targeted Justice is aware of more than 200 solo lawsuits that have been filed and dismissed.  Targeted Justice does not recommend solo lawsuits. We recommend activism and preparing for a class-action lawsuit. Good lawyers are not free  – your donations are needed and appreciated.

23 June 2019:  Car CD player – If your car CD player is being hacked, try changing the radio station frequently.  The NSA criminals are hacking it thru the radio station that is tuned in. Notice how long it takes before the hacking starts each day  –  this is an indication of how backlogged the supercomputer is, at Schriever AFB.  Avg = 15 – 20 mins.

20 June 2019:  Please support our new campaign on social media – retweet and post:            
                 Silence is Complicity.
                 Speak out. Speak up.
                 Activism works 4 TI’s!

Please organize protests at Fusion Centers and FBI offices in your state.

19 June 2019:  The TargetedJustice.com website continues to be blocked and hacked by the govt criminals.  This includes blurring the images so that names and text are not readable.  Please contact us if you encounter these obvious errors.

27 May 2019:  Targeted Justice hosts the first protest at a Fusion Center in Houston – 5320 North Shepherd.  Flyers and handouts provided.  The police showed up and confirmed that we had the right to protest on the public sidewalk.

11 May 2019: The Terrorist Watchlist is supposedly used by the FBI to track “known or suspected terrorists.” Unfortunately, that is a lie. The majority of names on the Watchlist are Targeted Individuals, not terrorists. See the new ebook by Richard Lighthouse, – “10 Reasons Prove the Watchlist is a Fraud.”https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/938717

9 May 2019:  Targeted Justice sends Mandamus Petition to U.S. Attorney Ryan Patrick.  86 electronic signatures were included, along with a list of recommended scientists, medical doctors, and government agents that have some knowledge of the program. 

14 April 2019:  UN Convention Against Torture can help Targeted IndividualsArticle 12 – Government authorities must conduct an investigation.  Article 14 – Each Government must provide fair compensation to victims of torture.

10 April 2019:  Targeted Individuals can call for support and help:
503.308.1691  –   This phone number belongs to FFTI.

7 April 2019:  Massive Corruption at the Pentagon.  GAO report states that 95,613 Pentagon whistleblowers filed reports between 2013 and 2018.

31 March 2019:  Readers are encouraged to hand out our new flyers:

30 March 2019:  Gmail users are encouraged to move to other platforms.  Many of our readers are experiencing obvious and malicious hackingSome suggestions are:
Countermail.com, Unseen.is, Runbox.com, & Protonmail.com  (Countermail seems to have the best encryption and Unseen probably has the best legal protections.)

21 March 2019:  Targeted Individuals are encouraged to contact your Senators and Congressmen.    Here is contact information, including TV and media contacts:     http://conservativeusa.net/mega-cong.htm

19 February 2019:  The CIA & State Dept have requested that the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) review the cases of the Cuban and Chinese diplomats.  It is the opinion of Richard Lighthouse, that this panel will attempt to whitewash and coverup these CIA-directed microwave attacks, just like the Warren Commission covered-up the murder of President Kennedy.

12 February 2019:  Targeted Justice sends Cease & Desist Letters to the FBI and DOJ.  John C. Demers, DOJ; Jay Tabb and Charles Kable at the FBI have been sent official Cease & Desist Letters.  See the tab – Cease & Desist.  We encourage TI’s to forward a copy of the letter to all FBI agents (first.last@ic.fbi.gov) and your elected officials.

20 November 2018: U.S. officials tell NBC News they’re considering the possibility of an electromagnetic weapon, possibly involving microwave technology …the concrete medical findings prove that something harmed workers.”

See our TECHNOLOGY tab for details about the microwave pulse weapon called a Vircator, built by the Titan Corporation.
8 Sept 2018: Dr Douglas H. Smith, MD at the University of Pennsylvania was interviewed by CNN, regarding the attacks on American diplomats in Cuba and China. He told The New York Times that the diplomats likely suffered brain injuries and that microwaves are considered the culprit. “Everybody was relatively skeptical at first,” he told the newspaper, “and everyone now agrees there’s something there.” Find out more at the links:
NY Times
Fox News

15 August 2018:  FFTI has a media campaign to spread awareness about the growing crimes of organized stalking and directed-energy weapons.  FFTI (www.freedomfortargetedindividuals.org) has already put up a variety of media, including billboards, train wraps, and platform posters in Los Angeles, Boston, and Vancouver, BC.  Thanks to Ella Free and the team at FFTI.

19 Sept 2019:  CIA wants immunity for War Crimes.

14 Sept 2019:  Targeted Justice welcomes Catherine Austin Fitts to our Advisory Board.  Her work at Solari.com is an inspiration to thought leaders and innovators, worldwide.  We look forward to working with her.
See her latest video discussing the trillions $ missing under the black budget.   https://youtu.be/9ZkYVc9N-8E

13 September 2019:  United Nations Human Rights Council reminds the United States that aiding and abetting a war crime – by selling weapons a nation knows will be used in the commission of atrocities  – is also a war crime.This means that government contractors Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and L3Harris have engaged in War Crimes.

11 September 2019:  In his book, “VISA’s for Al Qaeda,”  Michael Springmann details how the CIA ordered him to approve the travel VISA’s for many of the 9-11 hijackers.He eventually refused, filed complaints, and was then fired by the State Department.  Now we know that 9-11 was planned by the CIA, from the very beginning.

10 September 2019:  Targeted Justice sends Cease & Desist Letters to all of the Fusion Centers in the United States.  Thanks to our team member, Nicole.

5 September 2019:  Federal Judge rules Watchlist Unconstitutional:  Judge Anthony Trenga added,  “there is no evidence, or contention, that any of these plaintiffs satisfy the definition of a ’known terrorist.’ ”
See “10 Reasons Prove the Watchlist is a Fraud” – at bottom of this page.

4 September 2019:  Mark Lenzi, the State Dept’s electronic signals expert, has stated that the attacks on the diplomats are definitely microwave directed energy weapons.

1 September 2019:  Targeted Justice is on Twitter.     Please retweet.      https://twitter.com/justicetargeted

31 August 2019:  The CIA’s mind control experiments were nearly perfected by 1954, using teenage girls.  Read these statements from declassified CIA documents –

27 August 2019:  Vircator weapons produce scalar waves in a narrow frequency band.  This technology can be used underwater for communication between nuclear submarines, giving a significant tactical advantage prior to a nuclear war.  The U.S. Navy routinely places nuclear submarines, as close as possible to Russia.

22 August 2019:  Lockheed GPS Block 3 satellite launched this morning.  These monster satellites meet the legal definition for a Weapon of Mass Destruction.  Their placement in orbit is a violation of the 1967 Outer Space Treaty.  By tracking and attacking TI’s in foreign countries, this USAF satellite is literally committing Acts of War on foreign civilians.  We can expect to see many TI newbies over the next few months…

19 August 2019:  “Treason at the Air Force Space Command” – in the year since Richard Lighthouse first published this ebook, the USAF has transferred or replaced 9 of the 12 senior officers that were identified.  Coincidence?

16 August 2019:  “Scalar Weapons & Targeted Individuals” – new ebook by Richard Lighthouse.  Provides details about longitudinal scalar waves and how they are able to penetrate many houses to hit you from cell towers and satellites.

1 August 2019:  “Massive Fraud at AT&T” – new ebook by Richard Lighthouse exposes FirstNet.com –  a $6.5 billion AT&T system for first responders, that will be used against Targeted Individuals.

31 July 2019:  Doctors Who First Saw U.S. Diplomats Hurt in Cuba Say Symptoms “Cannot Be Faked.”  Dr Michael Hoffer, M.D. presents findings. (Dec 2018)

30 July 2019:  From the ebook – “Preliminary Statistics for Targeted Individuals” – based on 746 member applications.
Median Age:  46
Median Years Targeted:  6 years
Experiencing Organized Stalking:  92.5 %
Experiencing Directed Energy Weapons:  89.0 %
Experiencing Synthetic Telepathy:  75.2 %
Experiencing V2K:  66.2 %

24 July 2019:  UPenn Doctors say the Cuban diplomats have damaged cerebellums, 5% reduction in brain white matter  – basicallytheir brains have shrunk.  Lead author Dr Ragini Verma, PhD.


17 July 2019:  Targeted Justice has identified 3 major corporations that are directly involved in the Targeted Individual program.  Cease & Desist letters were sent to:

Lockheed Martin – makes the GPS satellites used for tracking everyone. 
Raytheon –  developed the Operational Control System (OCX) for ground operators at Schriever AFB.
L3Harris  –  made the first Vircator microwave weapons, and wrote the tracking/navigation software for the satellites. 
See our tabs – we name the executives.

15 July 2019:  Richard Lighthouse recommends the “Gauss Master” EMF meter.
It is a low-cost analog meter.  Place it on the top-back part of your head and note the high readings of EMF – this is the tracking signal from the GPS satellites.  Use a magnet to test the meter often.  The meter will show satellite tracking and cell towers hitting you.  Immediately remove the battery, when not in use.  http://lessemf.com/gauss.html
​(RL has no financial connection with these companies.)

11 July 2019:  Lockheed Martin Space Systems,  headed by Richard F. Ambrose in Littleton, Colorado, is building the satellites that track and attack Targeted Individuals, in the opinion of Richard Lighthouse.  The complex software that does the tracking/navigation was designed by Exelis Geospatial (L3Harris)  in Rochester, New York – headed by Christopher D. Young.

18 June 2019:  Targeted Justice welcomes
Dr Harold Mandel, MD
 to our Advisory Board.

8 June 2019:  During May and June, Targeted Justice visited the offices of 300 Congressmen & Senators in Washington DC, providing detailed information on the Targeted Individual program.  The team of four also protested at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.  1600 flyers were distributed around Embassies and Consulates, to inform foreign governments about the illegal program.

9 June 2018 – Lab tests on flyers that were placed on vehicles belonging to Harris County Sheriff’s Office employees on Tuesday have yielded no evidence of Fentanyl, a dangerous synthetic opioid, according to The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences (HCIFS).  We continue to be dismayed about why the Sheriff’s office would lie about touching Fentanyl.  

28 June 2018:  Targeted Justice responds to the media.   Please see our Official Statement to the Press in the pdf file above.

Note:  Dr Jeremy Faust, MD at the Harvard Medical School has stated that Fentanyl cannot be absorbed by touching it.  Many statements by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office have been false and misleading.  

6 June 2018:  D-DAY;  Targeted Justice invades the Deep State.  Four volunteers successfully invaded the Deep State operations at Air Force Research Labs, and Raytheon KTech in Albuquerque, using protest signs and handouts.   Website traffic jumps to an average rate of 30,000 page views each month.

16 May 2018:  Military personnel have a Duty toDisobey Unlawful Orders.  You took an oath, “… to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic.”     The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) 809[890].ART.90 (20), makes it clear that military personnel need to obey the “lawful command of his superior officer.” The moral and legal obligation is to the U.S. Constitution, and not to those who issue unlawful orders.
Under federal law, 18 USC 242, it is illegal for any government employee to deprive any person of the rights, privileges or immunities secured by the U.S. Constitution, and under 18 USC 241, it is felony to conspire to violate such rights.  It is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

9 May 2018:  Dr Douglas Smith, M.D. at the University of Pennsylvania, has examined some of the Cuban Diplomats and determined they were hit with Directed Energy Weapons.

4 May 2018: The first Whistleblower Protection Law was passed by the Continental Congress during the Revolutionary War in 1778.  The law’s origin stems from ten U.S. Naval officers reporting the mistreatment of British prisoners by their commanding officer. Whistleblowers are True Patriots, and the Founding Fathers recognized this. 
        The law declared it:
“the duty of all persons in the service of the United States, as well as all other inhabitants thereof, to give the earliest information to Congress or any other proper authority of any misconduct, frauds or misdemeanors committed by any officers or persons in the service of these states, which may come to their knowledge.”

4 April 2018:  Article 32 of the Geneva Convention prohibits scientific and medical experiments, and torture of civilians.The United States has been in a declared state of war since October 2001, which invokes the Geneva Conventions.  For more than 30 years, the U.S. Air Force Space Command has been committing Treason and War Crimes against civilians.

6 March 2018:  We have learned that Raytheon Ktech in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is building the next generation of high-power microwave system that will likely be used against civilians.  It is called the CHAMP system.  If these weapons are used against civilians, it is a War Crime under Article 32 of the Geneva Conventions.

28 February 2018:  We have learned – the company that made the microwave weapons for the satellites was probably the Titan Corporation, in San Leandro, California.  The company has since been acquired by L-3 Technologies.  The Electromagnetic Gun system is called the “Thunderbolt System,” and under the patent, it is called the Vircator.   See the TIMELINE tab on our website.    www.DEPS.org

25 February 2018:  Targeted Justice has obtained the sworn affidavits of two FBI Agents,Geral Sosbee and Ted Gunderson, stating that the gangstalking and Directed Energy Weapons are real and being used against U.S. citizens.TI’s should print these out and save it.

14 February 2018:  The Air Force Space Command & US Strategic Command keep track of 1,400 active satellites and 22,000 pieces of debris.  The satellite catalog is available on the web at space-track.org

11 February 2018:  If you have inquired about membership and not received a response, please try:  TargetedJusticeMembership@protonmail.com      Some emails are apparently being blocked or deleted.

22 January 2018:ATTN: Targeted Individuals worldwide.
We need your help.  Help us identifywhistleblowers – Air Force personnel or contractors that work at Peterson AFB and Schriever AFB, that are able to confirm that the U.S. Air Force is targeting civilians using microwave military weapons.  Be a detective and help us do the research.  Linkedin shows 4400 people in Colorado Springs with the keyword “satellite” – this is one place to look.  Most of them live in the communities around Peterson AFB.

4 January 2018:     We have learned that the Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs, Colorado is the organization that operates the satellites that are targeting individuals all over the world.  If you are a Targeted Individual, anywhere in the world, the person that “pushes the button” to hit you with microwaves, sits at a computer desk located at Schriever Air Force Base.  General John W. Raymond is the Commander.  More details in the TECHNICAL section.

21 December 2017:     The Board of Directors held their first meeting in December 2017.  Teams have been formed to initiate membership, address legal, medical, and technical issues, and respond to outside questions.