Houston Gangstalking Boss.

“Is Mind Control Possible?  Absolutely.  There is a mountain of evidence…  Today we know there are technologies that can induce sound into the brain at a distance, can monitor and alter brainwaves at a distance, can alter behavior at a distance, can induce images into the brain at a distance, can target individual organs at a distance.  Can disrupt the calcium ions binding on individual cell surfaces at a distance, creating pain and other effects anywhere in the body.  Mind control technology exists, without a question.”
           —  Dr Eldon Byrd, Naval Officer, 2001


Content on this page is the opinions of Richard Lighthouse.

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CounterTerrorism  =   Gangstalking

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In 2018, 3 different police whistleblowers told us, the Gangstalking operations are run from the Fusion Centers.  The details can be found in government reference documents in “The Governors of Gangstalking.”

The Director of the Fusion Center in each state, is the criminal Boss for these operations.  It is the opinion of Richard Lighthouse, that David F. Culter runs the Gangstalking program in Houston. 

David F. Cutler has led the Houston Fusion Center (Houston Emergency Center) for 14 years.  He was previously the Assistant Police Chief of Houston.

Office of Emergency Mgmt – 5320 N Shepherd, 713-884-4500

David Cutler   (david.cutler@houstontx.gov)
PHONE: 832.393.2766
Joe Laud
Administration Manager
EMAIL: joe.laud@houstontx.gov

David F Cutler, 58
Cutler David, David F Culter, David F Rondeau
5008 Blue Water Lane, Dickinson, TX 77539
(corner of Blue Water Lane & Camp Allen Street – Google Maps is blocking searches for this address)

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Home in Galveston – valued by zillow.com at $554,000

Other Senior Managers, and their home address from zabasearch.com – which is public information.  It is the opinion of Richard Lighthouse, that these men have knowledge of the Gangstalking program, and support the activities.    The people working at the Fusion Centers assume, that if someone’s name appears on the Watchlist, the stalking and harrassment is justified, even if it is illegal.  It never occurs to these idiots to ask – “Should this person even be on the Watchlist?” or “Why is this person on the Watchlist?”

Federal Judge Anthony Trenga, decided that the Watchlist is Unconstitutional, because the FBI failed to provide any shred of evidence, that someone was a “known or suspected terrorist.”

Targeted Individuals are not terrorists.  They are gangstalked because they are whistleblowers and political activists, etc.  The CIA wants them silenced, and funds this program through the black budget.

John Benzon, Homeland Security Planner     john.benzon@houstontx.gov
John Woodward Benzon, Age 69
1201 McDuffie ST #144 Houston, TX 77019
(713) 356-4000
Related to
Courtney E Benzon 34 Caitlin R Benzon 31 Ann C Benzon 65

Brian Mainwaring, Intelligence Supervisor     Brian.mainwaring@houstontx.gov
Brian A Mainwaring, Age 54
66 N Rocky Point CIR Spring, TX 77389
(712) 322-2075
Related to
Agnes C Mainwaring 89 James A Sutherland 79 Brenda S Mainwaring 55 Janet L Sutherland 78 Bruce E Mainwaring ~89 Connie L Pearson 57

Joe Laud, Administrative Manager
HOUSTON TX 77066-3816
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Josefina J Laud ~52 Vietmy H Pham 44 La T Hoang 74 Josefina J Laud 79 Tien V Pham 77 Viet Bac PhamMylinh P Laud 48 Jogerni N Laud 54

James Trammell
12903 Mallard Way
Houston, TX  77044-4417


Houston Office of Emergency Management  – This is the Houston Fusion Center.  Some of the people working here have Security Clearances and know about the Gangstalking program.  Some of the employees probably have heard the emergency calls of Targeted Individuals.  Ironically, the large circular antennas on their microwave tower are 10 times more deadly than the 5G antennas that are being installed in Houston.  It is likely their employees will develop some form of cancer. 

Cease & Desist letter emailed to David Cutler and many of the managers at 5320 N Shepherd:


For general questions email us at ask@oem.hctx.net
Assistant Public Information Officer
(713) 881-3100
Aaron Ewing
Digital Media Specialist
(713) 881-3100
Ashley Schutt
GIS Specialist
(713) 881-3100
Benzon John
Homeland Security Planner
(713) 881-3100
Bill Wheeler
Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator
(713) 881-3100
Breeunna Hafford
Finance/Administration Assistant
(713) 881-3100
Brett Shryock
Logistics Specialist
(713) 881-3100
Brian Mainwaring
Intelligence Supervisor
(713) 881-3100
Brian Murray
Communications Supervisor/Public Information Officer
(713) 881-3100
Bryan Dunaway
GIS Technical Specialist
(713) 881-3100
David Wade
Industrial Liaison
(713) 881-3100
David Wilder
CERT Coordinator
(713) 274-1702
Earl Smith
Teen CERT Coordinator
(713) 274-1748
Elizabeth Campbell
Community Liaison
(713) 881-3100
Francisco Sanchez
Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator
(713) 881-3100
Hallie Frazee
Emergency Public Information Planner
(713) 881-3100
James Trammell
Technical Specialist
(713) 881-3100
Jennifer Suter, CEM
Training/Exercise Supervisor
(713) 881-3100
Joey Clements
Logistics Supervisor
(713) 881-3100
Joyce Boudreaux
Executive Assistant
(713) 881-3100
Julie Oates
CERT Coordinator
(713) 274-1751
Keyona Stevenson
(713) 881-3100
Kristina Clark
Functional Needs Support Services Planner
(713) 881-3100
Lindsey Drouet
Finance/Administration Supervisor
(713) 881-3100
Lionel Bryant
CERT Coordinator
(713) 274-1749
Mardie Menke
Finance/Administrative Assistant
(713) 881-3100
Mark Guzman
Logistics Planner
(713) 881-3100
Mark Sloan
Emergency Management Coordinator
(713) 881-3100
Misty Gunn
Emergency Operations Center Manager
(713) 881-3100
Rick Deel
Planning Supervisor
(713) 881-3100
Stephanie Wright
Recovery Specialist
(713) 881-3100


ART ACEVEDO, Police Chief


ART ACEVEDO, Police Chief

Targeted Individuals can be certain that the Houston Police Chief knows about the Gangstalking Program. 

Art Acevedo, the Houston Police Chief, sits on the Homeland Security Advisory Council in Washington DC.  This is a group that advises the DHS – how to run the Gangstalking Program, among other things. 
He is married to Tanya Born Acevedo and is the father of Melissa, Matthew and Jake.



The city of Houston employee who took home the largest paycheck was police Chief Hubert “Art” Acevedo, who earned about $280,000 annually, which was $5,000 more than former police Chief Charles McClellan who retired in 2016. Meanwhile, Mayor Sylvester Turner made $236,189 annually.

These home addresses have not been confirmed:
Art Acevedo, Age 58
1315 W Clay ST #BELGRAV DR Houston, TX 77019

Art Acevedo, Age 60
3815 Glenn Ricki DR Houston, TX 77045

Art Acevedo, Age 58
2225 N Loop Fwy Houston, TX 77008

Jake Acevedo    ($1.3 MM home bought in 2017)
706 Mosby CIR Houston, TX 77007


When Tanya’s husband gets a new job with the local government, so does Tanya.  Coincidence or Corruption?

In Harris County, Texas – Citizen Corps is run by the Fusion Center.
Mark Sloan is listed as the contact, and he works at 5320 N Shepherd.



Infragard.org is a national organization.  They are funded, and controlled by the FBI.  After they are established, they solicit donations from companies.  The FBI assigns an agent to each of the Infragard offices.  They have 66,000 members in the United States.  This represents about half of the daily gangstalkers in the United States.  Citizen Corps (DHS) and Neighborhood Watch also have significant member-stalkers.  See their websites.

The paranoid idiots at Infragard, believe that a terrorist is hiding behind every tree, and under every rock.  The FBI cultivates this type of paranoid thinking, because it justifies a bigger budget every year.  See our video below, where an FBI Official admits that the FBI does this.  And it allows the FBI to avoid FOIA requests about the activity.

Their supposed goal is to protect infrastructure.  But you can’t accomplish “protection” by having meetings and talking about protection.  You have to surveil someone – and that’s grossly illegal.  There are stalking laws in every state.  Where do they get their names from? – The FBI and the Fusion Center give them names and addresses from the FBI’s illegal Watchlist.  Judge Anthony Trenga declared the Watchlist as Unconstitutional, because the FBI could not provide a shred of evidence, that someone was a “known or suspected terrorist.”  This is how the patsies at Infragard are duped into performing the dirty work for the FBI.

The Watchlist is not a list of terrorists.  Most of the names on it are “Non-Investigative Subjects” (NIS).  We can deduce that the FBI is a criminal organization, just like Ted Gunderson (former FBI Chief) and Geral Sosbee (former FBI agent –
  http://sosbeeVFBI.com/ ) have repeatedly stated.

“The CIA and FBI are behind most, if not all terrorism.”
–  Ted Gunderson, former FBI Chief

Kim Woodruff, President of Houston Infragard.

Kim Woodruff, President of Houston Infragard.

Infragard Houston

This local organization has more than 3000 members – now you know how they can do the gangstalking.  Richard Lighthouse estimates there are about 3100 Targeted Individuals in the greater Houston area (Houston-Woodlands-SugarLand).

A Cease & Desist Letter was sent to Infragard on 18 January 2020.  cc: FBI

     Kim Woodruff

WOODRUFF JUSTIN & KIM      1111 W 15TH ST (?)
(possible address?)  hcad.org

    Vice President
     Roger Schermerhorn

Related to
Dori L Mackel 43 Lisa M SchermerhornN J Schermerhor 69 Vincent F MackelVince Mackel ~52 Tacy K Smith 64 Julie A Mackel 75

     David Fojtik

Spring, TX

     Ann Marek

    Board Member
     Chris Ward

    Board of Director
     Jack Wilson

    Board of Director
     Gary Leibowitz

    Board of Director
     Frank Munoz

    Board of Director
     Mary Dickerson

    Board of Director
     Sam Van Ryder

9546 ENSTONE CIR,  SPRING TX 77379-6605

    Board of Director
     Marc Crudgington

1203 Chelshurst WAY Spring, TX 77379

    Board of Director
     Less Stoltenberg


    Board of Director
     Peter Hill

    Board of Director
     Peter Chaves

Related to
Taylor A Chaves 36 Melvin N Levinson 93 Lindsey Chaves 35 Courtney J Chaves 39 Johanna C Levinson 92 Myrna J Chaves 61 Maria E Sandoval 51

The Fusion Center, the FBI and Infragard, all use the FBI’s eGuardian Network to violate the civil rights of US citizens.  Data is collected and stored on eGuardian in violation of the US Constitution, without reasonable suspicion.

Oil & Gas
     Philip Hurlston

502 Crestridge DR Sugar Land, TX 77479

     Martin Littmann

5514 SLASHWOOD LN, Houston

    Financial Services
     Leland Dean

     Warren Kahle

4102 ASCOT LN 77092

     Lisa Angelo

     Marco Ayala

    Bryan/College Station
     Steve O’Neal

    Power & Utilities
     Annessa McKenzie

    Southeast Texas
     Debbe Watson

148 S Dowlen RD #PMB 645 Beaumont, TX 77707

     Christopher Kar

    Security Executives
     Barry Beckett

     Andres Ruz

    Coastal Bend
     Dr. David Abarca

    Public Venues
     Ryan Boros

108 SIDNEY ST   HOUSTON TX 77003 ?
(possible address?)

    Defense Industrial Base
     Fernando De La Pena


FBI Office in Houston
1 Justice Park Drive
Houston, TX 77092
(713) 693-5000

Special Agent in charge      Home Addresses are public information – Hcad.org
Perrye K. Turner                   perrye.turner@ic.fbi.gov    

TURNER PERRYE K SR & ANGELA D      19014 COVE MANOR DR 77433     $631,708
Assistant Special Agents in Charge

  • Deron F. Ogletree        deron.ogletre@ic.fbi.gov         
  • OGLETREE DERON F           20515 DUNCAN RUN LN 77433                $294,374
  • Christopher G. Raia          christopher.raia@ic.fbi.gov
  • Mark N. Webster          mark.webster@ic.fbi.gov             
  • WEBSTER MARK        16203 CROOKED LAKE WAY N 77433              $382,899
  • Darryl Wegner              darryl.wegner@ic.fbi.gov            
  • WEGNER DARRYL DENNIS         16631 CHALMETTE PARK ST 77429          $418,029
  • Douglas A. Williams    douglas.williams@ic.fbi.gov
  • WILLIAMS DOUGLAS A JR          16523 DARBY HOUSE ST 77429               $418,268

Administrative Officer

  • Steven D. Volkman       steven.volkman@ic.fbi.gov          
  • VOLKMAN STEVEN          18123 OBELISK BAY DR 77429                       $370,032

Perrye K. Turner is related to:
Bryant J Turner 28, Perrye K Turner 24
Laura E Clemens 66 Angela Denise Harvey 51 Jacqueline H Comeaux 58 John Harv HarveyNadine Harvey Harvey 55 Courtney M Harvey 35 Angela H Turner 50 Nathaniel HarveyOreader R Harvey 31 Ethel D Harvey 83 Henry HarveyAdreana Harvey 28

Mark N. Webster is related to:
Derek W Webster 49 Melzora W Williams 80 James C Bradford 77 Derrion L Bradford 39 Wanda Faye Bradford 59 Anthony J BriskyAmanda R Bereksazi 38 Tracy M Bradford 52 Nathaniel WebsterClarice M Williams 101 Dorothy J Bradford 75 N WebsterJames C Bradford 58 William K Bradford 55

Deron F. Ogletree is related to:
Lasundra D Mcdaniel 46 Daniel S McdonaldTiwan Gatling 31 Kimberly J Ogletree 53 Jacquelynn R Crenshaw 96 Johnnie Sheppard 55 Ashley Mcdowell 33 Latisha L Gatling 33 Linda M Mccain 58 Jeneen A Hammond 51 Claudette M Ogletree 69 Lynette K Mcdonald 51 Lynette R Ogletree 41 Lisa Gatling 35 Emma L Mcdonald 46 Darryl L Hollimon 61 L SheppardKenneth W Ogletree 44 James G Mcaleavey 63 Clyde R CrenshawEarnestine L Hollimon 88 Allen L Grays 73 Angela M Cunliffe 52 Kirshief Gatling 34 Walter Jones 49 Loletta Mccaskill 53 Albert L Hollimon

Christopher G. Raia is related to
Kristen M Mason 41 Donna N Mason 49 Von E Mason 82 Andrew I Mason 46 Mary Lee Mason 75 M RaiaDonald W Mason 74

Darryl Wegner is related to:
Daniel R Schatz 38 Leslie A Schatz 37 Harry Schatz 68 Judith E Schatz 66 Rachel Wegner 40 David H Schatz 27 Rachel E Schatz

Steven D. Volkman is related to:
Melissa D Lehto 43 Kenneth R Acfalle 40 Jeanne A Percoco 67 Leeanne R Creek 64 Victoria L Volkman 38 Jason M Percoco 36 Leeanne R VolkmanNatasha R Alligood 34 Victoria V Volkman 58 Walter L Creek 91 Joseph A Percoco 31 Richard J Sarraf ~37 K AcsalleLinda S Sarraf 70 Richard D Volkman 76 Jacob T Volkman 23 Lucille Creek 89 Jessica L Green 38 Sydney Volkman 25 Cassandra F Sarraf 35 Meredith K Sarraf 41 Victoria V Volkman ~48 Deborah L Groeger 55 Richard J Sarraf 70 Ronald C Sarraf 53 Judy L Volkman 67

Cease & Desist Letters were sent to the FBI at 1 Justice Park, the Houston Fusion Center at 5320 N Shepherd, 77091; and to Kim Woodruff at Rice University, 77005.


More Infragard-Houston members:


Infragard-Houston held some meetings at the Harris County Office of Emergency Management, in 2019.
Harris County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management
6922 Katy Road Conference Room 120B, Houston, TX 77024

FBI Official admits that they need to “Keep Fear Alive” – to justify their terror budget each year. 

FBI Official admits that they need to “Keep Fear Alive” – to justify their terror budget each year. 

Infragard is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION that is controlled by the FBI.  They perform illegal surveillance, harassment, break into people’s homes, they threaten, they steal, Assault & Battery, and even Attempted Murder.

Targeted Individuals call it Gangstalking. 


Download File


Brennan Center for Justice published their research on the corrupted Fusion Centers in the United States.  Fusion Centers routinely violate the civil rights of US citizens.   Police Depts included in the study:

New York City Police Department (NYPD)•
Chicago Police Department (CPD)•
Los Angeles County Sheriff’sDepartment (LASD)•
Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)•
Philadelphia Police Department (PPD)•
Houston Police Department (HPD)•
Metropolitan Police Department (MPDC)•
Miami -Dade County Police Department (MDPD)•
Detroit Police Department (DPD)•
San Francisco Police Department (SFPD)•
Seattle Police Department (SPD)•
Miami Police Department (MPD)•
Portland Police Bureau (PPB)•
Minneapolis Police Department (MPD)•
St. Paul Police Department (SPPD)•
Dearborn Police Department (DPD)

In Houston:

“Houston’s fusion center, the Houston Regional Intelligence Service Center (HRISC), also professes to follow to 28 CFR 23.  But it too maintains intelligence information that does not meet the reasonable suspicion threshold for one year.  Moreover, if shared with the FBI’s eGuardian network, the bureau can keep any of this information for at least five years.”  pg 28

“… the Houston police have their own criteria, which are so broad as to include “any suspicious person or event … determined as suspicious or worthy of reporting by an officer or supervisor.” pg 14

“The Houston Independent Police Oversight Board is typical of this approach. This 20-member civilian board, appointed by the mayor, reviews all major internal investigations to “determine if the investigation was sufficient and the conclusions were correct.” It can make nonbinding disciplinary recommendations or request additional investigation by the police, and if necessary, by the city’s Inspector General. The board is new, created in 2011 after the disclosure of video showing four Houston police officers beating a 15-year old burglary suspect. Although intended to operate independently from the police, its lack of subpoena power and investigative authority has raised concerns about its effectiveness.  The board also has no authority to sit in on questioning during an Internal Affairs investigation. pg 28.

“[The Houston Fusion Center]… has incorporated these provisions into their privacy policies. But in each instance, the privacy officer is a fusion center employee.”  pg 36.

“For example, the Houston MOU cites the FBI guidelines as a “controlling document” with only a caveat that any conflict with state or local law “will be jointly resolved.”  This hedging provides Houston officers with little practical instruction as to what to do in case of conflicts.”  pg 37.

“See Houston Police Dep’t, General Order 800-07: Criteria for Submitting Incident Reports 2-3 (2007) (on file with the Brennan Center) (requiring officers to report “suspicious persons, vehicles, or activities involved in videotaping, photographing, sketching, drawing … or asking detailed questions regarding buildings”; “a person or event associated with suspicious possession of … suspicious posters, fliers, or other publications”; “any protest or demonstration associated with terrorism, acts of war, attacks, [or] unusual suspicious activity …”; and “any suspicious person or event not listed in the above categories but determined as suspicious or worthy of reporting by an officer or supervisor.”).”  pg 54

“In Houston, officers are required to report: “suspicious persons, vehicles, or activities involved in videotaping, photographing, sketching, drawing … or asking detailed questions regarding buildings”; “a person or event associated with suspicious possession of … suspicious posters, fliers, or other publications”; “any protest or demonstration associated with terrorism, acts of war, attacks, [or] unusual suspicious activity …”; and “any suspicious person or event not listed in the above categories but determined as suspicious or worthy of reporting by an officer or supervisor.” Hous. Police Dep’t, supra note 128, at 2-4. ”  pg 56.

“According to the Houston privacy policy, “[a]ll information and intelligence will be obtained lawfully and products produced will be handled in accordance with 28 CFR Part 23, and applicable State of Texas laws.” Hous. Reg’l Intelligence Serv. Ctr. (HRISC), Houston Regional Intelligence Service Center (Fusion Center) Privacy Policy: Privacy, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties Policy 4 (2009), available athttp://www.nfcausa.org/files/DDF/Privacy%20Policy%20HRISC%20September%2009%20SSNP%20.pdf.”  pg 63.

“City of Houston, Executive Order No. 1-5Revised § 6.1 (2011) (Independent Police Oversight Board), available athttp://www.houstontx.gov/execorders/1-5.pdf.” pg 64.

“The Inspector General for the City of Houston serves as an “ombudsmen” to assist citizens in filing complaints. City of Houston, Executive Order No. 1-39Revised § 5.1.5 (2011) (Establishment of Office of Inspector General for Investigation of Employee Misconduct), available athttp://www.houstontx.gov/legal/1-39.pdf. The IG may also conduct its own investigation if it agrees with the Independent Police Oversight Board that additional investigation is necessary and the Chief of Police has refused to do so. City of Houston, Executive Order No. 1-5, supranote 265, at § 7.1.6; City of Houston, Press Conference: Police Oversight Initiatives, YouTube.com (Feb. 23, 2011), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk9wuAY5G7k. The Houston Independent Police Oversight Board also has authority to make policy recommendations on a limited range of issues: hiring new police officers, training on the proper treatment of citizens, and community concerns. City of Houston, Executive Order No. 1-5, supra note 265, at § 5.2.”  pg 64.

“Cindy George, Some Doubt City’s Efforts to Rebuild Trust in HPD, Houston Chron. (Feb. 18, 2011), http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Some-doubt-city-s-efforts-to-rebuild-trust-in-HPD-1690326.php; see also Who’s Policing the Police?,MyFox Houston (Feb. 11, 2011), http://www.myfoxhouston.com/story/18179645/whos-policing-the-police; James Pinkerton, Punishments for HPD Officers Often Unravel, Houston Chron.(Feb. 20, 2011), http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Punishments-for-HPD-officers-often-unravel-1687733.php”  pg 64.

“The Houston Police Department operates the Houston Regional Intelligence Service Center Hous. Reg’l Intelligence Serv. Ctr., Privacy Policy: Privacy, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties Policy 3 (2009), available athttp://www.nfcausa.org/files/DDF/Privacy%20Policy%20HRISC%20September%2009%20SSNP%20.pdf; see also Hous. Police Dep’t, FY2012 Core Services Assessment 20-22 (2011) available athttp://www.houstontx.gov/council//1/csad/hpd-csa.pdf. A police sergeant is responsible for overseeing compliance with the center’s privacy policy and responding to public complaints concerning privacy civil rights, and civil liberties violations. Hous. Reg’l Intelligence Serv. Ctr., supra, at 5. And the Houston Police Department is responsible for conducting compliance audits according to departmental procedure. Id. at 10. The Texas Department of Public Safety operates the state’s primary fusion center, the Texas Fusion Center. The state privacy policy requires annual audits of fusion center records, but that responsibility falls to a privacy officer appointed by the general counsel for the Department of Public Safety. Tx. Fusion Ctr., Privacy, Civil Right, and Civil Liberties Policy 2, 15 (2010), available athttp://www.dps.texas.gov/docs/TxFCPrivacyPolicy113010.pdf. The privacy officer is an attorney from the Department of Public Safety. Id. at 2. A 2011 state law created a “Fusion Center Policy Council” within the Texas Department of Public Safety, designed to assist the state in monitoring the activities of all fusion centers in Texas. Tex. Gov’t Code Ann. § 421.083 (West 2013). The Council, however, is composed entirely of representatives from the fusion centers. Id” pg 64.

“Fed. Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Dep’t of Justice, Joint Terrorism Task Force: Standard Memorandum of UnderstandingBetween the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Houston Police Department (2007) [hereinafter Houston JTTF MOU] (on file with Brennan Center)” pg 73.

“In Houston, a memorandum in effect since 2007 cites the FBI guidelines as a “controlling document” with only a caveat that any conflict with state or local law “will be jointly resolved.”Houston JTTF MOU, supra note 339. This leaves Houston officers assigned to the JTTF with little practical guidance. By comparison, a previous memo from 1993 clearly stated that “personnel of the HPD shall be required to utilize only those investigative techniques consistent with their given standards and procedures.” Hous. Counterterrorism Task Force, Memorandum of Understanding1 (1993) (on file with the Brennan Center). It also mandated that “[t]o the extent that HPD standards and procedures impose any greater restrictions upon the use for their informants and cooperating witnesses, such personnel shall be bound by those restrictions.” pg 75.

Targeted Individuals
individuos apuntados
Individuo dirigido
Personne ciblée
Individu ciblé
فرد مستهدف
लक्षित व्यक्ति
Individu yang Disasarkan
Целевая личность
লক্ষ্যযুক্ত ব্যক্তি
Indivíduo segmentado
Diangkah Individu
대상 개인
Hedeflenen Birey
Cá nhân được nhắm mục tiêu
లక్ష్యంగా ఉన్న వ్యక్తి
लक्ष्यित वैयक्तिक
இலக்கு தனிநபர்
Individuo mirato
نشانہ انفرادی۔
લક્ષ્યાંકિત વ્યક્તિગત
Ukierunkowana osoba
Цільова особа
فردی هدفمند
ടാർഗെറ്റുചെയ്‌ത വ്യക്തിഗത
ಉದ್ದೇಶಿತ ವೈಯಕ್ತಿಕ
ਨਿਸ਼ਾਨਾ ਵਿਅਕਤੀਗਤ
ඉලක්කගත තනි පුද්ගලයෙකි
Individual vizat
Məqsədli Fərdi


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